Bastiaans Human & Organization Development

For more than 30 years I have been active as trainer and consultant for companies in a wide range of businesses through Indoor Outdoor programs aimed at enhancing self-awareness, developing managerial skills and invoking inspirational leadership.

When I founded Indoor Outdoor I choose for personal growth as the leading theme in the development programs. Ever since I have noted the value of personal growth both from the participant's and business perspective.

Typically a program starts with exploring the biography of the participant to clarify personal strengths and development needs. Then a combination of Indoor and Outdoor activities is designed that allow for and stimulate experimental learning. The program concludes with transfer of newly acquired skills and behaviours to the business situation (and participant's social life!).

The Outdoor part may include activities such as hill walking, mountaineering or sailing, depending on the nature of personal development goals. The Outdoor activities may also be helpful to further explore participant's core strengths and capitalize on it or to identify and reduce blocks to productive or creative behaviours.